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This is a community for fans of Alan Rickman.

Your maintainer and creator is: pordraet

Your Mod and main looker-afterer full time is the smashingly lovelykaylbunny

You can come to any one of us if you have questions, suggestions, information, whatever!

As in most communities, there are a few rules we wish you to follow upon joining this community.

1. Any large images are to be placed behind an lj cut.
2. No harrassment of other livejournal users. No racial or homophobic launguage will be tolerated. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned.
3. Keep on topic. Don't post crap about your day here; it will be deleted.
4. This community isnt based on "Omg Alan is so hawt" we realise this and we are happy for that to be discussed here. But this community is based on Alan's acting abilities. Try to keep posts solely dedicated to his "hawtness" to a minumum. [Note the word solely (:]
5. Stupid shit will be deleted.
6. You may advertise here, but ask permission. Unauthorized advertising will see your post deleted and you banned.
7. If there is an image or icon on this site that you want, ask a mod or maintainer, or the creator for it.
8. Don't hotlink or steal images from other sites. Your posts will be deleted.
9. Fanfictions are allowed behind a cut. All fics must include Alan or one of his characters. Label it properly, that is; title, author, rating, disclaimer etc. If something is sexually explict make sure you state so. If the fic is not your own make sure you link it's source.
10. Spoilers. They're fine as long as you put them behind a cut and make sure you state that your post contains a spoiler either in the subject line or cut off text.

Have a nice day.